SP Testimonials

Kuzah has been it for me. In the last three months, I have seen a change in my life and those around me have seen it too. I am able to save with my chama on time consistently and Last month, I stuck to my budget. I have become a locomotive owner and finally, I managed to invest in a pig business. I’m thinking of calling her Paper Pig and finally bring home the bacon. Shoutout to all breadwinners!

No amount of money is too small to save, Kuzah educated me on why my income should always be greater than my expenses early enough. Financial literacy has no age limit. Be smart with your money!

Financial literacy is an important skill considering the world we live in and more so right now during a global pandemic. The earlier we gain an understanding of this important skill, the earlier we will be able to know better and thus do better and become richer.